Erik Hassle’s “No Words” Gets A Bumpin’ Overhaul By Digital Farm Animals: Idolator Remix Premiere

Robbie Daw | August 6, 2015 8:08 am

Like the rest of the Internet, we raved this past spring that Erik Hassle‘s latest single, “No Words,” was one of the most feel-good songs to come down the pop pipeline in a long time — a mindset we still maintain! And the song’s fun, supernatural-themed music video gave the bittersweet disco gem even more of a playful appeal.

Tomorrow (August 7) brings the release of an EP full of “No Words” remixes by the likes of The Knocks, Kasbo and more. Ahead of that, Idolator is premiering Digital Farm Animals‘ gorgeous take on the song.

The London producer strips out the disco-pop elements from the track and gives “No Words” a dreamy, synthy overhaul that perfectly lends itself to chasing down the last bit of end-of-the-summer bliss.

“I did this song when I was in Stockholm last summer, and I was really heartbroken,” Hassle explained to Idolator earlier this year. “But it was still fresh, so I had really positive emotions as well — I was so out of my head in love. So the song lyrics tell the truth…it’s sweet and sour, dancing and crying.”

Give Digital Farm Animals’ remix of Erik’s single “No Words” a listen above, then let us know your thoughts on it below!