Oh No Why Did Meek Mill Bring Caitlyn Jenner Into This?

Carl Williott | August 7, 2015 6:33 am
Why Are This Year's Music Beefs So Wack?
Music beefs used to Mean Something.

Meek Mill keeps taking potshots at Drake during his opening sets on Nicki Minaj‘s Pinkprint Tour, and for his latest semi-freestyle in Camden, New Jersey, he attacked Drake’s street cred, again hammered the ghostwriting angle, played up Drizzy’s presumed crush on Nicki and fired off an unfortunate Caitlyn Jenner reference. Here’s the meat of the verse from Thursday night (August 6):

“I still wake up with the lady that you said you first in line with / Did five months, came home, that’s perfect timing / To make a sucka nigga look sucka without trying / If Quentin Miller wrote that shit, what were we buying? / Might as well go and get his tape, is he good or is he great / Niggas turn to hoes, Caitlyn Jenners turn to Drizzy Drakes.”

He also implied Drake’s mom is a snitch, adding “The nerve of y’all niggas saying you started from the bottom.”

This latest rant certainly stings harder than the wedgie threats from earlier this week, but it increasingly feels like Drake and the rest of the rap world has moved on and Meek just needs to give it up. Also, while he’s perhaps legitimately calling out Drake’s authenticity, keep in mind this is a dude who is signed to a label started by Rick Ross, a former prison guard who conjured up an international drug kingpin persona for his records.

Hear the live diss below.

[via Hip Hop N More]

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