Britney Spears Performs “Pretty Girls” In Las Vegas For The First Time: Watch

Christina Lee | August 7, 2015 12:12 pm
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Britney Spears returned to her Las Vegas residency, Piece of Me, on August 5. And to celebrate, she trotted out a song she hadn’t performed there before: “Pretty Girls.”

Iggy Azalea wasn’t there for the song’s Vegas debut, though Spears did have a projection of the Reclassified rapper appear above the stage. Meanwhile, once “Pretty Girls” began, Planet Hollywood transformed into a glow in the dark party. Everyone was wearing neon, as Spears high-fived her rollerskating friends and launched into a dance breakdown after Azalea’s guest verse. It’s as if she was reclaiming the song as her own.

Although “Pretty Girls” belongs to Spears, it’s the pop superstar relying on Azalea’s own bankability. With its Bay Area rap production, the song sounds like a sequel to “Fancy.” The video was co-directed by Azalea, and you could tell, because like with “Fancy” and “Black Widow,” it was movie-inspired. Plus, as Azalea herself pointed out, Spears didn’t promote “Pretty Girls” following its live debut at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards — that is, until this week.

Now, it will be interesting to see whether Spears can have “Pretty Girls” impact the charts, now that it’s back in her live repertoire. See its Las Vegas debut below.

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