Jhene Aiko Comments On Drake And Beyonce’s Alleged Ghostwriting, Faces The Wrath Of Twitter

Mike Wass | August 7, 2015 4:00 pm
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Jhene Aiko obviously went to the Keri Hilson school of self-sabotage, because she made the rookie mistake of commenting on Drake and Beyonce’s alleged ghostwriting on Twitter. The Souled Out diva replied to a tweet about the R&B superstars with a screengrab of the dictionary definition of an artist. She drew attention to point six, which defines an artist as “a person who is expert at trickery or deceit.”

I think the “The Worst” hitmaker was actually trying to defend Drizzy and Bey by pointing out there’s more to artistry than putting pen to paper, but this is unnecessarily messy. When The Hive entered Jhene’s mentions, she soon backpedalled with a strings of apologetic tweets. “I’ve never considered the word ‘artist’ to coincide with the word ‘deceitful’, but apparently in the dictionary it does,” she wrote. “I don’t think your faves are deceitful.” Check out her social media misstep below.

Jhene’s semi-shady tweet:

Jhene soon backpedalled:

This tweet sums up the backlash:

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