Mariah Carey’s “Infinity” Remix Features French Montana, Justin Bieber And T.I.: Listen

Christina Lee | August 8, 2015 7:08 am
Bieber's New LP
Justin Bieber announces that he will release his fourth album this September.

Mariah Carey hung out in the studio with Justin Bieber and French Montana last week. As TMZ discovered, the reason why was an “Infinity” remix. Reportedly titled “Why You Mad,” the final result features Montana, Bieber and T.I., so with Carey solely on the hook.

Lyrically, all three artists imagine that Mariah rejected them. (Just imagine, like in the “Infinity” video, that she checked out their profiles and agreed to meet them in person, only to shut the door in their faces.) Here’s the problem: Two of them don’t sound like grown men — and they get the longer verses. French’s loopy rapping and off-key warbling is incoherent. Justin’s attempts to sound pained just sounds whiny. Plus, neither of their sung-rap flows are as tight as Mariah’s in her first “Infinity” verse. They should have been whisked away, like how her son Morrocan was during this week’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

“Infinity” is the lone new song that Carey included in this year’s greatest hits compilation #1 to Infinity, which spans 15 years of remarkable pop success. But “Why You Mad,” or whatever it’s called, seems to go on forever. That’s not a good thing. Listen below.

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