Kiiara Goes Three For Three With “Feels”

Carl Williott | August 10, 2015 12:43 pm

Pop newcomer Kiiara is officially three-for-three. The 20-year-old Illinois singer released her killer debut single in June and it had the ol’ blogs salivating. She followed that up with the even more self-assured, trap-flavored “Tennessee,” and that’s when the hype cycle began in earnest. Now she keeps the streak alive with new song “Feels,” but this time she has entered the alt-R&B realm.

For this one she teamed up with producers Brenton Duvall and Felix Snow (Snow produced her first two tracks and has worked with SZA). While she has previously favored chopped-up vocals and jerky percussion, this is a more streamlined affair, with Kiiara’s whispery falsetto unspooling over a bed of billowy synths.

Hear why she’s batting 1.000 below.