Kitty Announces Kickstarter For Debut Album

Carl Williott | August 10, 2015 1:28 pm
In Defense Of Kitty
She's a better MC than at least 20 famous rappers.

After releasing a handful of mixtapes and EPs over the years, DIY internet-wave rapper/singer/writer Kitty has finally announced plans for a debut full-length, and it’ll be released in the most DIY internet-wave way possible. The 22-year-old isn’t signed to a label, so she launched a Kickstarter aiming to raise $25,000 in the next 30 days to fund the album.

“After all this time, i’m finally making my first full-length album, with real CDs and vinyl and all the things i’ve always wanted!!!” she wrote in a newsletter to fans. “Here’s the thing tho. I need you guys to help me make it happen.”

The tiered rewards for helping her fund the project start off with the usuals — signed copies, exclusive bonus tracks, etc. But once you get into the upper echelons, she offers up some unique prizes. For $250, you get to name one of the songs on the album “whatever you want — as long as it won’t make anybody’s mom cringe.” Pledge $300 and you get five session with Kitty and her industry cohorts on how to get started in the DIY music biz. Offer up $1,500 and she’ll write and demo a song for you. The top prize is for the high rollers who drop $2,500 or more: Kitty will perform anywhere in the US with a setlist of the backer’s choosing.

The Kickstarter must reach $25,000 by September 9 (as of this writing it’s been up for about an hour and already has over $3,000). Head to Kitty’s Kickstarter page for more info or to contribute. And spin her latest track “Drink Tickets” below to see if this is the type of thing you might want to hear more of.