New Sensations: MIYNT, Freja, Emily Vaughn & Three More Names For Your Pop Radar

Carl Williott | August 14, 2015 7:00 am
Kiiara's "Feels"
Up-and-coming pop singer Kiiara is officially three-for-three.

New Sensations is our semi-regular roundup of emerging acts you oughta know.

Outside of hip-hop, 2015 has been a bit of a lackluster year in terms of major releases. But we haven’t just been sitting here twiddling our thumbs thanks to a surplus of hungry pop newcomers like Shura, Kiiara and Alessia Cara.

These past few weeks have been particularly loaded with killer tracks from emerging talents, so we’ve rounded up six songs from up-and-coming artists that are stealing our attention away as we wait for blockbusters from Rihanna, Adele and Frank Ocean. Check them out below.

Freja — “Young Heart”

This is about as strong as a debut pop single gets. The bright keyboards combined with the Danish singer’s multi-tracked hooks build a monument to the unabashed sentimentality and melodicism of ’80s pop radio — there’s even a pan flute cameo giving it some “Land Down Under” vibes for good measure. It’s off the 27-year-old’s debut White Magic EP, out October 9.

Emily Vaughn — “Better Off”

“Better Off” is a soaring breakup ballad from Florida singer Emily Vaughn. The 20-year-old has a voice like caramel, all rich and silky, and she uses it to contemplate the end of a relationship over a beat that would’ve done some numbers during the cloud-rap boom. Never has an ex been axed so gracefully.

MIYNT — “Civil War”

Earlier this year, we were introduced to MIYNT via her dreary Britney Spears cover. But with her debut single “Civil War,” the Swedish musician proves she doesn’t need to rely on any gimmicks to get noticed. MIYNT produced the beat, which heaves and chirps before flattening out as she nonchalantly delivers an icy chorus. And now the impressive song is paired with an equally impressive debut music video.

Duckwrth x The Kickdrums — “Psycho”

Brooklyn-based rapper Duckwrth pulls double duty on “Psycho,” handling the rhymes and the chorus. The quietly clattering, completely bitter kiss-off is a little bit Cudi, a little bit Andre 3000 and a little bit Miguel. It’s off Nowhere, his collaborative project with producer The Kickdrums, out August 21.

Luna Aura — “Dancing With Your Ghost”

On this neon pop track, the 21-year-old Phoenix native shows off her voice’s range, going from the whispery, Lana-like lower register up to a sultry Class Actress falsetto like she’s riding a sine wave. It’s the type of versatile tool that can easily parry with whirring synth parts.

EVVY — “Tidal Wave”

EVVY dropped her debut EP last year and she returns with a vengeance on new single “Tidal Wave.” It’s got an EDM bent, but not in an obnoxious way — the steel drums and muffled bass thump are less rave and more island house or something. The NYC singer worked with Scissor SistersBabyDaddy and producers Mickey Valen and Chris Wallitsch for this one, and they’ve crafted a dance floor pulse that still lets the song’s pop framework take the focus.

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