Iggy Azalea Poses For ‘Sunday Style,’ Talks “Totally Different” Sophomore Album And Regrets: 5 Pics

Mike Wass | August 11, 2015 1:38 pm
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Apart from the occasional tweet, Iggy Azalea has been lying pretty low in America while she works on her sophomore LP. The rapper has kept a higher profile in Australia, however, where she is the face (and body) of underwear brand Bonds. She is flying home for promo duties later this month and did a couple of interviews to publicize her visit — including speaking to, and posing for, fashion lift-out Sunday Style.

The 25-year-old looks typically stunning in the classy shoot and gave some welcome insight into where she’s at with album number two. “I feel really excited about it and I think my fans will be really excited about it,” Iggy says. “It’s nerve-racking when you have success to make something that sounds totally different. Will people like it? Will this isolate half my fan base? I don’t know, but I have to take a risk and do something that makes me happy to come into work.”

“I came into this pushing the envelope and I want to continue to, so it’s important I’m doing that sonically,” the Mullumbimby babe continues. “People will be very surprised. There’s no way they won’t be, because it’s very… interesting.” Interesting works for me! The “Fancy” hitmaker also spoke about the backlash against her and admitted that she regrets the way she handled herself on social media.

“I think everyone has things they wished they didn’t say, especially when you’re young, and especially when you’re an artist and you’re trying to get out there and you want to be more controversial,” Iggy explains. “It’s unfortunate if people make it about you being prejudiced or insensitive. I’m not, and I don’t want people to think that’s my character. You wouldn’t, either. Who would want that, besides Donald Trump?”

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