Chvrches’ “Never Ending Circles”: Hear The ‘Every Open Eye’ Opener

Carl Williott | August 12, 2015 10:27 am
Chvrches Tour Dates
The synth trio announces a North American tour.

Chvrches have premiered “Never Ending Circles,” the opening cut off their sophomore album Every Open Eye, which drops September 25. This track follows “Leave A Trace,” and it’s a bigger affair than that lead single.

The verses recall “Recover,” and the guys explore some new synth textures that gleam and tumble alongside a Mayberry chorus that’ll likely cause crowds to raise as many pints as fists. Which is to say, it’s all very Chvrches-y! It doesn’t really distinguish itself from anything else in their catalog, but it’s a massive way to kick off the new album.

Check out the lyric video below.