Five Ear-Violating Lyrics From Nelly And Jeremih’s Outrageous Bedroom Anthem “The Fix”

Mike Wass | August 12, 2015 2:23 pm

The lead single from Nelly’s as-yet-untitled eighth studio LP arrived last week and it made quite an impression. From the eye-popping nude cover to the semi-pornographic lyrics, “The Fix” is the most outrageous bedroom anthem of 2015. It’s also seriously catchy thanks to DJ Mustard’s slick beat and clever interpolation of Marvin Gaye’s seminal sex jam “Sexual Healing.” When you factor in Jeremih’s smooth vocal, the veteran rapper has a smash on his hands.

To Celebrate Nelly’s blush-inducing comeback, I’ve rounded up the track’s five sexiest lyrics. “The Fix” will make iTunes (and strip clubs around the globe) a much sexier place from August 14.

5 time “The Fix” pushes lyrical boundaries:

1. “She say she ain’t about the creep life, but all she wanna do is take pipe”

2. “I’ll lay you down and go down girl, ’til I reach your ocean”

3. “Come and get this dick”

4. “Bust it open every time I get up inside, soaking wet — turn the bed to a slip ‘n slide”

5. “Spread eagle, n***a eating like it’s supper time”

Listen to “The Fix”:

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