Lana Del Rey’s “High By The Beach” Video: Watch

Carl Williott | August 13, 2015 9:53 am
Lana's "Honeymoon": Review Revue
Critics weigh in on the title track of Lana Del Rey's anticipated third album.

Lana Del Rey has premiered the video for latest Honeymoon single “High By The Beach.” With the teasers she posted in recent days featuring both kinds of choppers, she was setting fans up for another epic visual, but this one is primarily a casual affair, all sunny and serene. We follow Lana through an empty ocean-view home in Malibu, collapsing onto a mattress on the floor and leafing through a magazine like a bored housewife.

That is, until it becomes clear a man in a helicopter is watching her/going to absurd lengths to snap some paparazzi pics, at which point she runs down to the beach to grab a guitar case. But it’s not a guitar inside, and that’s when Lana goes from bored to bloodthirsty and the video lives up to its promise of cinematic ultraviolence.

The oddly compelling video was directed by Jake Nava. Watch it up top.

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