Lostboycrow’s “Start Something” Video: Idolator Premiere

Robbie Daw | August 17, 2015 6:20 am
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One of the most surprising and refreshing voices to emerge from the shadows in 2015 is that of Lostboycrow — though there is still a bit of mystery surrounding the blond-haired, blue-eyed pop/soul singer.

Though Idolator is premiering the video for “Start Something” today, we’re not even privy to what this guy’s real name is. But we do know a bit about Lostboycrow’s passion for music filled with emotion and lyrics fused with vulnerability, via is own words.

“I grew up listening to oldies with my parents — obviously The Beatles and Beach Boys were staples,” he says. “I remember listening to A Hard Day’s Night and Help! on cassette constantly. I connected with music, probably due to the fact that I have a soul.”

A friendship with his pal Justin spawned an adolescent punk rock band…but not before Lostboycrow discovered hip hop.

“Before I found my voice, my sketchbooks and homework assignments were consumed by rap lyrics,” says the singer. “Eminem was as far as I got at that time, but would later be heavily influenced by Atmosphere, Living Legends, Sandpeople and most of all mister Kanye West — the lyrics flowed so well; it was storytelling, wit and rhythm in a way I hadn’t known. It took some years and some tears, but I feel I’ve managed to bring those elements out in the sound I create today.”

The missing piece of the puzzle finally came into place for Lostboycrow once he heard one particular R&B singer’s debut LP.

“The biggest turning point leading up to becoming Lostboycrow was probably when somebody handed me Frank Ocean‘s Channel Orange. I did not take that CD out of my car for a solid seven months,” he admits. “I don’t think any artist has or will have as big of an impact on me… But if I’ve learned anything from artists like Frank Ocean, George Harrison, Alex Turner or Jon Foreman, it’s this: People, whether they want to admit it, are vulnerable and all they really want, whether it be pop, R&B, musical theater or post hardcore,  is to hear vulnerability. Your voice. Your lyrics. That’s the greatest gift you can give as an artist.”

Catch Lostboycrow’s video for “Start Something” above and see how his influences shaped his own music.

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