JoJo Teases Her Trio Of New Singles (Or Tringle) On Instagram

Mike Wass | August 17, 2015 3:37 pm
JoJo To Release Three Singles
JoJo is releasing three singles on August 21. Find out more about her comeback.

JoJo is really making up for lost time time by releasing three singles — or a tringle — on August 21! The comeback queen already performed one of the songs (upbeat pop anthem “When Love Hurts”) at the iHeartMedia Music Summit and has been teasing the tracks via snippets on Instagram. And they all sound incredible. “Save My Soul” and “Say Love,” in particular, showcase the 24-year-old’s powerful pipes.

It will be interesting to see how the “Disaster” diva promotes her tringle. Will all three tracks be sent to radio simultaneously or will she focus on one — relegating the others to promo single status? Whatever the case may be, the comeback of the year is almost upon us! JoJo is at the peak of her vocal powers and all three tracks sound very, very promising. Listen to the brief snippets below.

Stack dat. #JoJournals #tringle #3singles #Aug21

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Inner yodel. 🐙🙏🏼 #JoJournals #tringle #3singles #Aug21

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