The Weeknd Rocked Yeezy Season 1 In ‘GQ,’ So Maybe It Means He Worked With Kanye

Carl Williott | August 18, 2015 7:55 am
Swish List
A comprehensive timeline of rumors about Kanye's new album.

The Weeknd appears in a new spread for GQ to talk about his forthcoming album Beauty Behind The Madness (out August 28). He didn’t get into too many specifics about the secretive new album, however he did offer up a ton of details about Kanye West‘s Yeezy Season 1 collection for Adidas, which he was wearing for the photo shoot.

The Canadian singer provided pricing details ($3,000+ for a jacket!) and revealed that the collection will be available in October. Perhaps this is a stretch, but was he given all this inside info, and the opportunity to wear all the pieces, as a gift of some sort for working with Ye on either BBTM or Swish?

I only ask because, if you’ll recall, last month Ed Sheeran claimed he and Kanye were the only guests on The Weeknd’s then-untitled new album. Once the tracklist was revealed, this was only half true: Sheeran was featured, along with Lana Del Rey, but no sign of Kanye.

So could a West collab be under wraps, on either of their albums, and all this Yeezy Season 1 stuff is part of their professional collaboration? It’s not quite concrete enough to add it to the Swish list of rumors, but we can dream.

Anyway, read the full interview over at GQ for more photos and specifics about Ye’s clothing line.

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