Is Lady Gaga Going Disco For LG5?

Carl Williott | August 18, 2015 9:31 am
Lady Gaga Starts Work On New Album
After winding up her tour with Tony Bennett, the pop diva can now concentrate on LG5.

A few weeks ago, Lady Gaga declared it’s “LG5 time,” indicating she was finally done with the jazz throwback era and about to start working on her follow-up to ARTPOP. Monday (August 17), she posted an Instagram video captioned “Off to work!” and it showed her riding in a car listening to what sure sounds like her own voice atop disco classic “More, More, More.”

It’s tough to tell — sifting through the Instagram comments, some Gaga fans swear it’s her voice, others think it’s the 2:40 mark of the original by Andrea True Connection. But whether she was headed to work for American Horror Story or her next album, she wanted fans to hear whatever version of the 1976 disco hit this is for a reason. Is it related to one of those loopy AHS musical scenes? Or could she be preparing to enter disco heaven for the LG5 era?

Below, hear Gaga’s Insta post and the original, and let us know your theory in the comments.

Off to work! ❤️👠

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