Brooke Candy’s “Rubber Band Stacks” Video Is A Delightfully Twisted Adventure: Watch

Mike Wass | August 18, 2015 4:47 pm
Brooke Candy's "Rubber Band Stacks" Cover
Brooke Candy is butt naked on the cover of new single "Rubber Band Stacks."

Brooke Candy set the bar for twisted music videos pretty high with “Opulence.” Directed by Steven Klein, the 2014 opus found the rapper playing a bald hooker with a taste for murder. She also transformed into a glitter-covered demon and held court in some kind of underground fetish/sex club. Needless to say, expectations for her latest visual are high! And the 26-year-old rises to the occasion — albeit with a newfound levity.

While “Opulence” aimed to shock and appall (or enthrall depending on your viewpoint), “Rubber Band Stacks” is more palatable. In fact, the first minute or so plays like your average rap video — sexy girls, questionable outfits and copious twerking. But then Brooke’s demented aesthetic takes over with a creepy body-paint bird, bizarre special effects and some casual bondage. It’s much-needed breath of fresh (or perhaps toxic?) air. Watch the “Das Me” diva lighten up (a little) above.

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