Iggy Azalea Removes Radio Host’s Pants, Talks New LP And Tour Plans

Mike Wass | August 19, 2015 3:26 pm
Iggy's Album Release Date
After scraping six months of work, Iggy Azalea won't release new music until 2016.

Iggy Azalea is back on home soil. The rapper flew to Australia to celebrate the 100th anniversary of underwear manufacturer Bonds — she’s their brand ambassador — and took part in festivities, which included removing radio host Andy Lee’s trousers (watch below). Apart from pantsing local celebrities, the 25-year-old also did a little promotion — talking about the direction of her sophomore LP and plans to tour in early 2016.

“My goal was just to make something that I love every song on my album,” the “Fancy” hitmaker said in a radio interview. “That’s really tough when you’re an artist — to actually not have any complaints and be fully satisfied with every song. I wanted no filler.” How is that different from Grammy-nominated debut LP The New Classic? “I think [with] my last album the approach was really trying to find big smash singles or songs that I thought that would be something multiple generations would like at the same time,” she revealed. “I was going in with that attitude and anything that fell a little short was like, ‘well, it can make it on the album’.”

I-G-G-Y also shed a little light on her touring plans during a press conference. “I’m going to tour [Australia], definitely in the first half of next year,” she announced. “Once my album comes out I plan to come back and it will happen,” the “Trouble” diva continued. “I just don’t want to do it until my album is out. I don’t want to do anything until my album is out.” I guess that means we’re getting Iggy’s new LP in early 2016! See footage of the Aussie’s promo junket below.

Iggy pulls down radio host’s pants:

On her new album:

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