Carrie Underwood Unveils The Cover Of New Single “Smoke Break,” Announces Fifth LP ‘Storyteller’

Mike Wass | August 20, 2015 2:44 pm

Well, this was a little unexpected! Carrie Underwood announced new single “Smoke Break” this afternoon (August 20) during a surprise Q&A on Facebook. She also revealed that her fifth LP is called Storyteller (due October 23) and shed a little light on the opus. “It definitely has it’s own sound and feel, but I hope I kept all of the things that people have enjoyed about my music to date,” she told a fan. “I just wanted to keep growing as a songwriter and as an artist.”

That’s not the only tidbit. The 32-year-old confirmed that the album contains a song about her baby son Isaiah (“I tried to avoid the ‘mommy’ songs, but one managed to find it’s way in there!”) and let slip that there are no duets. As for the lead single’s curious title? “We were writing and kept taking breaks to go outside because we were getting a little stuck on a song we were already working on,” Carrie explained. “It was so beautiful outside, that we had a hard time focusing so we decided to write a song about taking breaks!”

Given the “Something In The Water” diva’s incredible track record, Storyteller could be one of the highest-selling albums of the year. All four of Carrie’s LPs have reached number one on the Billboard 200 and sold at least platinum. 2012’s Blown Away is her least successful effort and it still sold a whopping 1.7 million copies. Check out the country queen’s Q&A here. “Smoke Break” premieres tomorrow.

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