Ibrawlator: Which Of JoJo’s Three New Tringle Songs Is The Best? VOTE!

Robbie Daw | August 21, 2015 7:02 am
JoJo: The Idolator Interview
JoJo's talks about her comeback, her Tringle and her upcoming new material.

This is an Idolator first: We’re actually pitting an artist — JoJo — against themselves in an Ibrawlator poll! And, well, JoJo really was asking for it, what with releasing three singles (aka a Tringle) all at once today.

If you’ve yet to listen, the songs involved are the ballad “Say Love,” mid-tempo pop number “Save My Soul” and the ’90s house throwback “When Love Hurts.” You can take each one in below:

And now for the fun part! Obviously you’re going to be inclined to liking one of these Tringle tracks a bit (or maybe even a lot) more than the other two. And so we’re asking you, loyal JoJo fans, to choose which of the 24-year-old songbird’s comeback singles is your favorite by voting below.

Select your choice in the poll, and may the best Tringle single win!

[poll id=”1820″]

We’d love to hear below why you chose the song you did.