The Weeknd Drops 18-Minute ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ Sampler: Listen

Christina Lee | August 22, 2015 9:10 am
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“I’m the nigga with the hair, singing about popping pills and fucking bitches with the lights on,” The Weeknd sings in “Tell Your Friends,” the third track on his upcoming sophomore album Beauty Behind the Madness. (That’s if you don’t count Trilogy, the Republic re-release of his first three mixtapes.) He sounds a little irritated, like he’s tired of having to repeat himself the more famous he becomes.

Based on the 18-minute Beauty Behind the Madness sampler he just dropped, though, the Weeknd might not have to reintroduce himself any longer. Along with certified hits like “Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)” and “Can’t Feel My Face,” there are other standouts: the gleaming, Labrinth-featuring “Losers;” the Michael Jackson-inspired “In the Night,” the too-perfect Lana Del Rey duet “Prisoner,” and the “Karma Police”-recalling closer “Angel_”.

The Weeknd seems to be doubling down on his persona as a cold-hearted womanizer, though as his sound gets larger and pop-friendlier than it’s ever been.

Beauty Behind the Madness is out August 28. Check out the album sampler below.

[via Vulture]

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