The Weeknd’s Kanye-Produced “Tell Your Friends” Gets A Kanye-Inspired Video: Watch

Carl Williott | August 24, 2015 10:41 am
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The Weeknd drops 18-minute 'Beauty Behind The Madness' sampler.

The Weeknd has premiered the video for his highly anticipated Kanye West-produced track “Tell Your Friends,” off Beauty Behind The Madness (out August 28). With the dusk-in-the-desert setting and an opening shot of someone carrying a shovel, it’s immediately reminiscent of Kanye’s stark “Flashing Lights.” video. And then on the first reveal, when you see it’s the song’s star in the ditch, it’s even more apparent that Ye’s influence seeped over from the song and into the visual.

As The Weeknd buries himself and dances on his own grave, I couldn’t help but interpret it as the same type of symbolism Katy Perry was going for when she burned that blue wig: The old Weeknd is dead, and the new Weeknd killed him, so deal with it.

There’s a second twist, too: Halfway through, the song switches over to opening track “Real Life.” Unfortunately, you don’t get to hear either song in full.

Watch the video below.

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