Demi Lovato Shoots Down “Vagina Flick” Urban Legend Once And For All

Mike Wass | August 25, 2015 4:13 pm
Pop Perspective: Demi Lovato's "Cool For The Summer"
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“Delete it fat” is the Citizen Kane of fan fiction. A tale so absurd, yet finely detailed and hilarious, that it went viral and forever raised the bar for online trolling. In case you missed it, the completely fake story goes a little something like this. An overweight fan thanks Demi Lovato for saving her life in a meet and greet. The pop star’s response? “You’ll die soon enough, fatty.” That’s followed by a cruel taunt and, infamously, a vagina flick. We all know it never happened, but the hitmaker puts the urban legend to rest once and for all in a magazine column.

When asked the most ridiculous thing she’s ever read about herself, the 23-year-old replies: “that I flicked a girl’s vagina in a meet and greet.” She just put MythBusters out of business! Apart from setting the record straight about “delete it fat,” Demi is busy promoting smash hit “Cool For The Summer.” The follow-up, “Confident,” surfaced online yesterday (August 24) and we now know that her Iggy Azalea collaboration is called “Kingdom Come.”

Demi kills “Delete it fat”:

[Image via ATRL].

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