Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?”: See Beliebers’ Ecstatic Twitter Reactions To His Comeback Single

Bianca Gracie | August 28, 2015 8:52 am
Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" Single Tops iTunes Chart
The artist's tune is dominating the charts within hours of release.

Today (August 28) marks a day that many music fans and critics alike — whether some would like to admit it or not — have been waiting for. Justin Bieber‘s first solo single in three years, titled “What Do You Mean?”, has arrived. So far, it has received positive responses from the media and is currently ruling the iTunes chart. But the key to a song’s success is how the stans respond.

The singer’s immense fan base, otherwise know as the Beliebers, went into a frenzy on Twitter once the tune officially dropped. The reactions are unapologetically presumptuous, sassy, slightly over the top and hilariously entertaining.

See the responses to “What Do You Mean?” we gathered up below, then let us know your own thoughts on the song!

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