M.I.A. Is Working With Skrillex

Carl Williott | August 28, 2015 1:43 pm
M.I.A.'s Crazy New Song "Swords"
She used real sword sounds to make the beat on "Swords."

M.I.A. is currently hunkered down working on her pan-cultural video travelogue/album Matahdatah. So far, she has only released the first installment, “Broader Than A Border.” But today (August 28) she revealed the big news that Skrillex is contributing to the album.

The British musician posted an Instagram photo showing Skrillex and past collaborator Blaqstarr fiddling with their laptops, with the caption “👽👽💥💥 on MATAHDATAH.”

This Skrillex partnership makes so much sense: They’ve both worked with Diplo (maybe the dubstep king can foster a truce between Diplo and Maya), they both work well in the hip-hop world and even though M.I.A. is considered pop, she’s been making noisy digital music since the pre-EDM 2000s, before knob-turners ascended to headline status.

See her update below.


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