Justin Bieber And Young Thug Featured In Travis $cott’s “Maria I’m Drunk”: Listen

Christina Lee | August 30, 2015 9:01 am
Justin's MV Teaser
Looks like Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" video will be a blockbuster affair.

Rap newcomer Travis $cott drops his debut album Rodeo this Friday, Sept. 4. He has been trying his best to keep even the tracklist under wraps, but when Rodeo leaked over the weekend, fans of the Houston native freaked out over one feature in particular: Justin Bieber.

About halfway through the song “Maria I’m Drunk,” also featuring Atlanta rapper Young Thug, Justin pops up. But he isn’t doing the hook. After some moody, Kid Cudi-inspired vocals from Travis himself, the “What Do You Mean” superstar starts rapping. He tells Maria of how he drank some Don Julio in the studio, and while deftly switching from straight-on rapping to rap-singing.

It all sounds like Justin and Travis both have been listening extra closely to Drake‘s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Justin also isn’t new to rapping, at all. Based on the reactions from Travis $cott fans, though, his guest verse may be the most-talked about of Rodeo — and this is an debut effort that features Kanye West (“Piss On Your Grave” leaked, too), 2 Chainz and Future. Listen to “Maria I’m Drunk” below.

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