Shakka Featuring JME “Say Nada”: Idolator Video Premiere

Robbie Daw | September 3, 2015 6:03 am

Last year UK singer-songwriter Shakka lent his vocals to Basement Jaxx‘s Junto single “Rock This Road,” one of a pair of collaborations with the dance duo, and the year prior he landed a Top 10 hit in his home country by featuring on Wretch 32‘s infectious cut “Blackout.” Now the 26 year old has his own hypnotic smash on the rise, the video for which Idolator is premiering today.

“Say Nada” is a catchy tale of a breakup that leads Shakka to head out to a party in search of a freak who has a penchant for “tasty meat.” The track, which also features UK grime MC JME, finds the singer comically presenting a lot of conflicted emotions.

“When I finished recording ‘Say Nada’, I knew that it was new for many to see me in a debaucherous light,” Shakka tells Idolator. “Then that idea of showing a parallel of persona’s seemed friggin excitin’ and theatrical to me; the Shakka dealing with heartbreak alone in his house, slapped against the Shakka using alcohol and partying to get over an abrupt breakup.”

He further explains the idea behind the song’s music video: “So when James Willis, the director, expanded and curated a world with a house party, animation, colours, tribal women and everything else, I felt like the child who got his wish to co-star in Who Framed Roger Rabbit or American Pie.”

Take in Shakka’s vivid night out by watching his “Say Nada” video above, and look for his third EP, The Lost Boys, to be released in October via Pitched Up.