Austin Mahone Gets Sexy On New “Do It Right” Single: Listen

Bianca Gracie | September 3, 2015 7:25 am
Austin's "Dirty Work" MTV
There's a new girl in Austin Mahone's office, and everyone wants to meet her.

While former bad boy Justin Bieber is re-winning the hearts of America with his future hit “What Do You Mean?”, younger counterpart Austin Mahone is taking a brief break from pop and trying his hand at R&B on new single — “Do It Right.”

Featuring rapper Rob Villa, the tune (which was first revealed during a Springfield, Ill. concert) is a slinky mid-tempo finger-snapper that finds Austin digging into his sexier side with lyrics like: “I don’t mean to seem in a rush/ I’ma start it off with a little touch/ And we know what we really want/ Showing up in here tonight.”

“Do It Right” follows the also-riskier “Dirty Work” single, and follows a similar vein of the Ty Dolla $igns and Sage The Geminis of the world that will fit right in on both urban and pop radios.

Look out for Austin Mahone’s debut studio album later this year, and get into his new tune below.

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