Arty Featuring Coffee “Waste Your Time”: Idolator Song Premiere

Since 2009, DJ/producer Arty has been carving out an ever-growing space for himself in the dance music community, with a move three years ago from his native Russia to Los Angeles culminating in a label deal with Insomniac Records and Interscope. October 9 will bring the release of the 26-year-old beat-maker’s debut LP, Glorious. Ahead of that, Idolator is premiering album track “Waste Of Time,” which features vocalist Coffee.

Synth-driven cut “Waste Of Time” is a perfect example of Arty’s philosophy on infusing actual melodies into his music.

“If you ask other DJs where they start a track from, it’d be kick and bass, but for me it’s always piano melody,” he notes. “Most of my ideas are not dance. You can convert it to dance music, or you can just keep it as a piano composition.”

Give “Waste Of Time” a listen above.

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