Avicii Offers Up Thought-Provoking, Disturbing “For A Better Day” & “Pure Grinding” Videos: Watch

Robbie Daw | September 3, 2015 11:12 am
Avicii's 'Stories'
Avicii's sophomore album will be released in October.

Avicii‘s two new videos accompanying his dual single release of “For A Better Day” and “Pure Grinding” live up to his sophomore LP’s name, Stories — but what dark tales they tell.

“For A Better Day” manages to be the more disturbing of the two visuals, as it details two small children on the run from a man whose intentions we don’t quite find out until the end of the clip. The young boy and girl escape, and they grow up to seek revenge one by one on a group of men in one violent display after another.

Are their actions justified by the crime that was made against their innocence? Watch above and decide.

The second of Avicii’s videos, “Pure Grinding,” details the parallel lives of a mine worker and a bank robber — the former who exists surrounded by mounting debt while the latter, a murderous creep, lives pretty high on the hog.

A high-stakes bank job leads to the robber being betrayed by his two cohorts, and we’re left to wonder which of the two main characters has the better fortune in the end.

“For A Better Day” and “Pure Grinding” are available now on iTunes. Avicii’s Stories album will be released on October 2.

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