Beyonce Celebrates Her 34th Birthday With A Nostalgic Playlist Curated By Friends And Family

Mike Wass | September 4, 2015 11:30 am
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Pop legend/earth angel Beyonce celebrates her 34th birthday today (September 4). To celebrate the occasion, Queen Bey has posted a nostalgic playlist curated by friends and family on her website. Jay Z, for example, quoted Coldplay’s “Yellow” to describe his feelings. “This song reminds me of you and I on vacation,” he writes. “‘Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.’ So many legendary nights.” This is where it gets really moving. “It represents vulnerability; it’s us in our own world, away from work and totally lost in love. ‘For you, I’ll bleed myself dry.'” Awww.

Ok, stop crying. It’s not all heart-wrenching! Tina Knowles fondly reminisces about Beyonce covering Stephanie Mills’ “Home” in a talent show, Kelly Rowland reveals that she first bonded with the game-changing diva over their mutual appreciation of Mary J. Blige’s “What’s The 411?” and Michelle Williams shares her friend’s obsession with Shuggie Otis’ “Island Letter.” The cutest anecdote, however, belongs to Blue Ivy. She chooses “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. “Mommy you sung this to me all the time!” the toddle exclaims. “Happy birthday, Mommy!” You can read all of the stories behind the song choices here and listen to check out Bey’s birthday playlist below.

Beyonce’s 34th birthday playlist:

1. “Home” — Stephanie Mills
2. “Here I Go Again” — Smokey Robinson
3. “Holy Ghost” — Kim Burrell
4. “Happy” — Pharrell
5. “Party” — Beyonce
6. “Fly Away” — Lenny Kravitz
7. “Still Tippin'” — Mike Jones feat. Slim Thug and Paul Wall
8. “Billie Jean” — Michael Jackson
9. “Island Letter” — Shuggie Otis
10. “What’s The 411?” — Mary J. Blige
11. “Do I Do” — Stevie Wonder
12. “I Was Here” — Beyonce
13. “Yellow” — Coldplay
14. “Part Of Your Life” — Jodi Benson

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