Beyoncé Is A Grown Ass Woman At Made In America 2015: See 11 Pics

Carl Williott | September 6, 2015 10:29 am

Leading up to Beyoncé‘s headlining set on the first night of Budweiser Made In America 2015, it was unclear what she had planned for the Philadelphia fest, since the gig wasn’t tied to an album or a tour. Within the first minute of her performance, though, with Bey and her dancers emerging in a giant rectangular structure at the center of the stage, it was clear she was rolling out her typically huge stage production.

Throughout the set on Saturday night (September 5), Bey and her phalanx of backup dancers would periodically disappear behind and emerge out of a massive center elevating block that projected many of the show’s visuals. The star ran through some 23 songs and nearly as many costume changes, starting off with the “Crazy In Love” remix before transitioning into the original version, with some “Bootylicious” added to the middle. She performed hits old and new — including “Survivor,” “7/11,” “Say My Name,” “Partition” and “End Of Time” — and almost every song at some point incorporated a different track or brought in elements of a new beat, like the “Trap Queen” beat making its way into “Drunk In Love.” The cumulative effect was a whirlwind display of pop mastery that was a challenge to keep up with, so imagine having to perform it.

And while it’s tough to upstage Beyoncé’s live talents, between set changes she peppered in powerful feminist monologues, ranging from Maya Angelou‘s “Phenomenal Woman” to Ronda Rousey‘s “Do-Nothing Bitch” speech, with the words flashed onscreen to make sure the message was delivered. These were not soft lip-service kumbaya quotes; these were provocative, sexually direct proclamations. And remember, she wasn’t just performing to her Hive, this was a mixed festival crowd, but each interlude triggered enthusiastic cheering throughout. It would’ve already been one of the most impressive, massive festival performances you’d ever see, but the fact that she worked in bold feminist messaging and made a blitzed and exhausted festival night crowd even briefly use their brains, that’s a remarkable feat only King B can pull off.

See 11 photos from her performance up top, and check out the setlist below.

1. Crazy In Love remix/Crazy In Love [with Bootylicious interlude] 2. I Care 3. 7/11 4. Diva 5. Survivor 6. Ring The Alarm [with Takeover] 7. Run The World (Girls) 8. Bow Down 9. ***Flawless 10. Say My Name 11. Yoncé 12. Jumpin’, Jumpin’ 13. Drunk In Love 14. Feeling Myself 15. Partition 16. Ghost/Haunted 17. Blow 18. XO 19. Halo 20. 1+1 21. Love On Top 22. End Of Time/Grown Woman 23. Single Ladies