Tove Lo Talks Flashing Nipples Onstage & Pop’s Current Status For ‘Notion’ Magazine: 4 Photos

Bianca Gracie | September 8, 2015 11:08 am
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Save for popping up at various music festivals, having her inescapable “Talking Body” single certified Platinum and re-releasing Queen Of The Clouds later this monthTove Lo has been pretty quiet as of late. But the Swedish starlet is stepping off the stage and onto the cover of Notion magazine‘s 70th issue!

In the editorial, the “Timebomb” singer combines edgy with chic as she rocks furs and dresses with smoky eyes and bedroom hair. Inside the magazine itself, she discusses various topics from feminism, almost losing her voice, new music and — one of the more interesting highlights — flashing her nipples during performances.

Look out for the 70th issue of Notion when it drops on September 13. View the photos in the gallery up top, and read a few highlights from Tove Lo’s Notion interview.

On flashing her nipples during performances: “I’ve been getting a lot of questions, especially in America, about why I’ve started flashing the audience at my shows and people are wondering if it’s just to get more publicity and it’s not that. I did it to mess with people a bit I guess. Then all these people started saying ‘it’s good that you’re standing up for things and that you’re a feminist, but it gets a little too much’. Why? Because I care about something? Should I just be like ‘no I won’t have any feelings?’ That’s the thing, when you get too commercial people just want you to be this happy creature with no emotions or not care about anything that’s important.”

On filming the “Timebomb” video: “All these photos of my (Timebomb) video shoot got released and everyone started covering up my nipples and calling me a whore. I can show my nipples if I fucking want to! Why is a woman’s body so sexualised all the time? It should be my choice.”

On the current generation of Pop: “I think there’s this one breed of pop star who are performers, not artists. The dream is never to be famous. It’s not about that at all. It’s about being able to play your music and do your shows. It’s all about getting those feelings out because there’s so much going on in your head and your heart. But there are these performers who just want commercial success – that’s everything to them – but success to them is only when you’re happy and beautiful and everything is going up, up, up. I think that artists who are not just performers can get mixed up with the ones that are only about the success. They live in a very controlled and protective bubble and it’s all ‘what would this do to my brand?'”

On growing up in Sweden: “I grew up in a very posh environment, where everything’s supposed to be fine and it’s like a competition of having a nice life and not being depressed or sad or anything. I had a lot of dark thoughts as a kid and was always wondering about murder and death. As a family, we never talked about the bad stuff and that sort of music (her music) is all about admitting you’re destructive and that being okay. That was a big thing for me. But all the trouble I got in was caused by me. It was never my parents. It was always me looking for something else I guess.”

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