Liam Payne Covers ‘Attitude’ Magazine’s October Issue, Talks One Direction Hiatus

Bianca Gracie | September 11, 2015 8:21 am
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Last month, One Direction revealed to fans that they will be taking a break despite their fifth album still in the works. So, as with many boy bands during a hiatus, the UK lads are splitting up to do their own thing (perhaps former member Zayn Malik was a source of inspiration?).

Case in point: Liam Payne, who is the cover star on Attitude magazine’s October issue. In the British gay lifestyle publication, the 1D singer discusses rumors surrounding the band and speculations if he is homophobic or not.

“A lot of people say to me, ‘Oh, you’ll go solo,’ but I haven’t thought about that. If the right song comes along and I think I should sing it, then I will release it as a solo artist. Otherwise, I’m happy being behind the scenes,” Liam tells Attitude. “When the others boys [in the group] go solo, I would love to write songs for them. I want to make great music that people want to listen to.” The singer reveals he’d like to expand his talents in other parts of the industry, Pharrell-style.

He also touches on his tweet to Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson last year, which sparked some controversy: “A lot of my friends are gay and I don’t think anything about it. I actually find it funny that being gay is still something that’s talked about as though it’s not natural. I mean, I don’t go around saying, ‘Oh, this guy is gay.’ I don’t make a big deal about it. I will just say, ‘This is my mate.’ My mates are my mates, regardless of their sexuality.”

Along with covering the gay lifestyle magazine, Liam will also be awarded with their Sexiest Man Of The Year at the Attitude Awards on October 14. View Liam’s two Attitude covers in full below.

[via Attitude UK]

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