Selena Gomez Talks New Song “Kill Em With Kindness”: Watch

Christina Lee | September 11, 2015 9:12 am
Selena and Demi's Selfie
There's no point in piting these two against each other, not with this glorious pic.

Initially, Selena Gomez was assumed to be singing about Justin Bieber on her new album Revival. But she set the record straight today (September 11) on Power 106 when she talked second track “Kill Em With Kindness.” That song, she says, is about how she has dealt with everyone while signed to the Disney Channel-owned Hollywood Records — and she means everyone.

“Everybody has had a say in my life … meaning the world, the perception, the media,” Selena says. “It was really frustrating. There is a song on my record called ‘Kill Em With Kindness.’ So I’ve always done that. I ignore, I ignore, I ignore. And then it just kind of got out of hand. So I went to the new label [Interscope] and I was like, I have to say something. I need to say what I want to say, and you guys have to help me figure out how to do that. ”

Clearly, though, the “Same Old Love” singer is learning how to speak up. Later she talks about why she went topless for her Revival cover art. In some ways, she says, that decision was a response to the body shaming she received earlier this year.

“Man, that hurt,” she says. “That was really hurtful. I’ve experienced people who have tried to control that kind of stuff before. I didn’t care — this is my time. I want to do it the way I want to do it. [The cover art] looks like a Linda Ronstadt photo. It’s a ’70s photo. … It’s beautiful, I’m proud of that.”

And to the co-host who calls her “tiny,” Selena even shakes her head and says, “It’s not even about my weight. I’m not going to give a fuck about what people say,” before she apologizes for cursing on air. Watch Selena talk her Revival era up top.

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