Robyn Cancels La Bagatelle Magique’s Brazil And San Francisco Concerts

Christina Lee | September 11, 2015 11:11 am
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The electropop group's forthcoming 'Every Open Eye' album is just around the corner.

Robyn‘s side project La Bagatelle Magique is her creation with herself, Markus Jägerstedt and Christian Falk, who died just last year. (Robyn and Markus ended up finishing their mini album Love Is Free, released August 7, without Christian.) The two remaining members had booked just a few shows this year, starting with Sweden’s Popaganda Festival.

But after that show alone, Robyn has announced that La Bagatelle Magique has canceled its two performances in Brazil and another at San Francisco’s Treasure Island.

“It was much harder singing these songs on stage than I thought,” the singer says in a statement. “Even though it’s been a year since Christian passed, I’m heartbroken and performing them feels too heavy still. I’m sorry to disappoint the fans that have bought tickets to these shows and I will do my best to come back to San Francisco and Brazil soon.”

La Bagatelle Magique also promises to release a video soon, though the statement also notes that Robyn “requires a clean break from performing to focus on the future so she can return with new music.” As disappointing it can be for anyone to cancel shows, for whatever reason, it’s commendable of Robyn and Markus to have even come this far with this side project — to make sure that Love Is Free, and therefore the last music that Christian worked on, could be heard. Read the entirety of Robyn’s statement at her official site.

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