Zendaya Stuns On Four Different ‘Hunger’ Magazine Covers

Mike Wass | September 14, 2015 3:42 pm
Zendaya Previews New Club Banger
It looks like Zendaya's sophomore album is coming together nicely. Read on.

Zendaya shows off her flawless style on four different Hunger magazine covers. She rocks a multitude of hairstyles (wet hair, big hair and a sleek, slicked-back look) and pulls off an evening dress with as much confidence and conviction as she does a structured jacket. Apart from looking incredible, the 19-year-old opens up about her budding activism. “Of course I’ve had a problem with people taking me seriously because of my age”, the triple threat says.

“People are always going do that because you’re less experienced, you haven’t lived as much,” she continues. “And in a sense it is true that there are certain things that you only learn with time. But I think that there are also a lot of things that young people know that older people don’t, and older people will never understand again because they’re in a different section of their lives. I think when you’re young you’re a lot more open-minded, and sometimes you’re a lot more perceptive about what’s going on in the world.”

The “Replay” hitmaker is currently working on her sophomore LP. She has been working on new tunes with legendary songwriter Diane Warren and super-producer Timbaland. She previewed a track she made with the latter in late July and it sounds very promising. Zendaya’s Hunger issue hits newsstands on September 17.

[Via Hunger].

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