Kelela’s “Rewind” Is A Spectral Sequel To “My Boo”: Watch The Video

Carl Williott | September 17, 2015 2:05 pm

Kelela is one of the most progressive artists working in the R&B realm right now, marrying the future-sonic leanings of an FKA twigs with the pop instincts of a more accessible act like Janet Jackson (this new song even has her version of the Janet giggle). And while her Hallucinogen EP’s October 9 release was pushed back from the spring, new cut “Rewind” suggests it’ll be worth the wait. Do not sleep on this stuff!

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The singer premiered the video today (September 17), and it was directed by Eric K Yue. The uptempo song was produced by Kelela, Kingdom and Nugget, with additional production by Girl Unit and Obey City. It finds her favoring the pop end of the equation, playing like a spectral soft-focus sequel to Ghost Town DJ’s‘ “My Boo” with its insistent 808 beat and misty synths.

Watch the flickering slo-mo video below.