EVVY’s Wavy “Tidal Wave” Video: Premiere

Carl Williott | September 23, 2015 7:01 am

Last month, we featured EVVY‘s “Tidal Wave” in a roundup of new artists that readers need to know, and now we’re excited to premiere her accompanying video. Directed by Daniel Hollis and Justin Sirizzotti, the visual shows the New York singer at the beach, along with some psychedelic footage of colorful liquids bursting across the screen — I’m sure there’s a name for the effect in the visual arts field but for now “colorful liquid bursts” will have to do.

EVVY teamed up with Scissor SistersBabyDaddy, Mickey Valen and Chris Wallitsch for “Tidal Wave,” and together they crafted a pulsing dance track that propels the song’s titular wave of emotions.

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No actual tidal waves were used in the filming of this video. Watch it below.