Irving Azoff Says Christina Aguilera Hasn’t Peaked Yet (Unlike Britney Spears And Jennifer Lopez)

Mike Wass | September 22, 2015 1:04 pm
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Music industry legend Irving Azoff isn’t a fan of Las Vegas residencies — at least for artists in their prime. The mastermind behind Christina Aguilera’s career (and many others) was recently interviewed by DJ Pauly D and reassured fans that his charge won’t be setting up shop in Las vegas any time soon. “[It’s] not time yet,” he said. “She’s about to go back on The Voice, about to finish her record, about to do another guest shot on Nashville and the record’s amazing.”

When pressed about a Vegas residency, the 67-year-old didn’t mince words. “No disrespect to Britney [Spears] or to Jennifer Lopez, who is doing one… Christina’s not peaked yet. She’s in the prime of her career. We’ll tour the world, but we’re not ready to sit down in Vegas.” Irving has a point. Xtina is only 34 years old and still a vocal powerhouse. She should be competing with Beyonce and Katy Perry on the charts, not setting up her retirement plan. Listen to the interview below via That Grape Juice.

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