The Weeknd Takes Disclosure Into The Night On “Nocturnal”: Hear The Collab

Carl Williott | September 24, 2015 6:57 am

Yesterday (September 23) we finally heard Disclosure‘s Lorde collab, “Magnets,” a rubbery little slice of future-soul that departed from the Lawrence brothers’ garage leanings. And now “Nocturnal,” the duo’s collab with The Weeknd, has hit the web, and it’s another change of pace.

The opening track on Caracal is still primed for the dancefloor, but it’s much slinkier and more ethereal than their other club tracks. This is a tempo for the comedown, not the turn up, with a shimmering groove and plenty of pretty flourishes to hypnotize you into a dance trance, and The Weeknd’s hook dropping in every now and then like a cool gust of air from the club’s A/C unit. Without the extended breakdown of blinking synths and electronic washes it could easily fit with the night-pop of Beauty Behind The Madness.

Caracal, the sophomore album from the UK dance duo, is out tomorrow. Stream the album opener here.