Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall” James Bond Theme Won’t Leave You Shaken Or Stirred: Listen

Robbie Daw | September 25, 2015 6:38 am

No, no, no, Sam Smith. This is not how you do a James Bond theme.

“If I risk it all, could you break my fall? How do I live, how do I breathe, when you’re not here I’m suffocating,” the multiple Grammy winner sings in his trademark falsetto on the chorus of “Writing’s On The Wall,” the just-released theme song to upcoming James Bond film Spectre. Make no mistake: the British singer won said awards by tapping into the brokenhearted angst of the masses. And the above-mentioned lyrics, within the Sam Smith lexicon, sound par for the woebegone course.

But this is Bond, kiddo. Where’s the intrigue? Where’s the danger? Where’s even half the tension that Adele or, hell, Madonna conjured up on their Bond theme hits “Skyfall” and “Die Another Day,” respectively.

Smith goes on to mournfully lament that he wants “to feel love.” Jesus Christ, we get it — we’ve all heard In The Lonely Hour at this point. But couldn’t the lonely heart schtick have been chucked to the side for this project in exchange for a little Bond mystery and magic?

Don’t get me wrong — “Writing’s On The Wall” lyrically sounds like it would have made a lovely, properly depressing track on Sam’s next album. Or, you know, slap it on top of a slow house beat, et voila, it’s your next Disclosure hit. As far as 007 themes go, however, this one feels like a slow and boring death.

Spectre is still over a month off from hitting theaters, and the release of the big name pop star tie-in song is traditionally an early appetizer meant to drum up excitement for the latest Bond flick. If only Smith and co-writer Jimmy Napes had lightened up, stepped out of their well-trodden comfort zones and employed a bit more fun with their mission.

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