Whatcha Say: Christina Aguilera, Azealia Banks & ‘Scream Queens’ Got Our Readers Talking

Bianca Gracie | September 25, 2015 5:30 pm
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We’ve finally reached the weekend, Idolator readers! The past few days were filled with major music moments, which kicked off with Drake and Future releasing their long-rumored What A Time To Be Alive mixtape (or is it an album…).

Jennifer Lopez confirmed her “All I Have” Las Vegas residency, while Sam Smith dropped his polarizing “Writing’s On The Wall” Spectre theme song. One Direction announced their Made In The A.M. album and Sia released her Adele co-written “Alive” single.

Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott tag-teamed once again for the fiery “BURNITUP!” Unbreakable single, while Adele‘s highly-anticipated 25 album may or may not be dropping on November 20.

On Idolator’s end, we rang in the Fall season with our recaps of NBC’s The Voice and FOX’s Scream Queens; reviewed albums from Lana Del Rey, Fetty Wap and Disclosure; premiered tracks and videos from acts like Ofelia KJames Hersey, EVVY, and Bridget Barkan; and interviewed Zedd, New Order, Daya and Jarryd James.

And of course, our readers spoke their minds on the going-ons in the frantic music world. Read some of the best and shadiest comments below!

:: Thomas Alex Dugrosprez said this on Sia Officially Releases Her “Alive” Single: Listen To The ‘This Is Acting’ Track: “It is way too by-the-number empowerment anthem for Adele. It lacks originality, and an oragnic production. However, Sia breathes life into it with her fantastic vocals.”

:: Dreampopboy shared his critique on ‘Scream Queens’ Beat In Ratings By ‘Muppets’, Ariana Grande & Nick Jonas Will Return: “It has it’s moments like Ariana’s death (“wait. Whaaaaat!!!”) and some inspired performances particularly Lea Michelle’s probable psychopath and the MVPs of the show, Niecy Nash and Jamie Leigh Curtis however it also has racist & “edgy” humor that would be offensive if it wasn’t so boring, a truly unlikable lead (why is Chanel our lead when the charming Grace is obviously our “final girl”) and Nick Jonas pandering to the gay community…again. So all in all it’s a Ryan Murphy show, it’s campy and absurd (not in the good way) and has a cubic zirconia where it’s heart and brain should be.”

:: Matt Davis said what many of us are thinking on Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall” James Bond Theme Won’t Leave You Shaken Or Stirred: Listen: “I like the pretend that Lana’s ‘Honeymoon’ is the new bond song, much more fitting”

:: While Jay spilled this on Demi Lovato And Third Eye Blind’s Stephen Jenkins Sing “Jumper” At iHeartRadio Music Festival: Watch: “Her stage outfits look like hand me downs from just about every other pop star over the last decade.”

:: Sean Massich gave some truth on Pia Mia Strikes A Pose For Terry Richardson: 12 Sexy Pics: “I dont understand why this woman and others like Nikki Heaton think that having an exceptionally sexualized image is going to be their key to mainstream success. I can’t think of one successful artist who’s main schtick is being oversexualized. If anything, it undermines any talent they may have. I wish them the best – I just don’t think it’s the best M.O. for 2015.”

:: CA_Dreamin had a lot to say on: “It always shocks me to hear men like this are considered management. My advice to Mr. Azoff, and I mean THIS with no disrespect, but maybe he should spend more time advising his client how to salvage her own career, instead of referring to others. Christina Aguilera is hands down ONE OF the voices of our generation. I used to thing she was THE voice, but let’s be honest, that voice has been lost to dreery pop drivel as of late, and she hasn’t been able to sustain a decent hit record on her own since the brilliant ‘Back to Basics’ era in 2006-2007. ‘Bionic’ was definitely ahead of it’s time, but instead of properly promoting it with the right singles and edginess, Christina chose to launch with ‘Not Myself Tonight’, which great as it is, was a hot over-sexed mess. The Bionic Tour was canceled way too fast because they shot for the stars, attempting sell out full arenas, instead of hitting up amphitheaters and auditoriums they likely would’ve sold. ‘Lotus’ wasn’t a bad album at all, but the promotion again, was non-existent. Christina’s voice hasn’t peaked yet, but her excessive need to be overly sexual definitely has. Azoff needs to do his job as a manager and start noticing the trends. Christina needs to be marketed like Adele, not J.Lo. If I were Lady X, i’d be over-hauling my entire image with this next record.”

:: And Daniel Hayes chimed in with a drag of his own Irving Azoff Says Christina Aguilera Hasn’t Peaked Yet (Unlike Britney Spears And Jennifer Lopez): “Christina just won’t a grammy for her collabo with A Great Big World. lol. you guys are delusional. Everything she is on sells. Lotus didn’t sell due to lack of promotion. She never even sang the lead song live while it was released. Aside from that she can get any writer and producer to work with her if she wanted that. She also has had numerous side projects which make her tons of money. She does private shoes for $3 million an hour. Vegas can’t afford her! Bionic was the most pirated album that year. Burlesque DVD was number 1 and sold over 1 million copies. People hated on her but in the end it did very well. The song she wrote for the soundtrack was also nominated for a Golden Glode. Britney has not had a hit in years!!! and neither has JLO nor Celine Dion. Christina has had three top 10 collaorations. 1 per year. Bye haters.”

: Lastly, we’re sending a ;) back at DeShaun Zollicoffer on Azealia Banks Gets Into Fight On Plane, Calls Flight Attendant A “Fucking Faggot”: Watch: “The biggest news is she blocked the site on Twitter! Wow, she’s really nuts. Surprised you guys are still posting about this nutjob. Now it seems more like a running joke in the writer’s room lol ;)”

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