Adam Lambert Gets Dark & Edgy For ‘Schön’ Magazine: View The Photos

Bianca Gracie | September 30, 2015 10:18 am
Idolator Interview: Adam Lambert
We spoke to Adam Lambert about the funky, housey sound of his new album.

Adam Lambert knows a thing or two about dominating a big stage, but he also can expand his talent to the fashion world. The “Ghost Town” singer is the cover star for Schömagazine’s latest issue, which was revealed today (September 30).

In the Diego Indraccolo-photographed editorial, a black nail-tipped Lambert looks every bit of a model as he broods in various avant-garde settings alongside a severed (and fake) zebra head — sorry PETA! The grey-tinged overcast makes the photo shoot all the more icy.

For the interview itself, the singer discusses his current album, the attention received from being a “gay artist” and those Freddie Mercury comparisons. The magazine also reveals his next single, “Another Lonely Night,” will drop on November 13.

Adam Lambert’s third studio album The Original High was released on June 16 via Warner Bros, and features songs like “Evil In The Night” and Underground.”

View the photo gallery up top, and catch some interview highlights below!

On The Original High having a pop core: “I want my songs on the radio, I want people to hear them and those two guys really know how to do it. The other thing that was nice about that was that it allowed me to relax a little bit. When we sat and talked, The Original High was kind of this jump-off song, this sort of melancholy look at the first time you’ve done something and how it never compares the second time. I didn’t want to do bubblegum; I didn’t want to do campy and theatrical – I’ve done that. I felt like I had done crazy and I was ready to get real on this album.”

How it bodes in comparison to his other albums: “I think it’s a lot more cohesive. The first album was kind of like me guessing. Coming off American Idol, no one really knew what it was going to be for me so it was sort of a guessing game. I wanted to do a modern ode to glam rock and it was a lot more theatrical and all over the place. I think this one is more focused and it feels more grounded. I feel, as a performer, more confident than I ever have in what I’m able to do.”

On Freddie Mercury: “When I watch the old footage of him, I am just blown away. He was just so free onstage. I don’t think it was super planned out in his head. When I was approaching the concert it was really intimidating because I didn’t want to ever feel like I was imitating him. I felt that would have been kind of tacky but I was certainly paying attention to what was his intentions were. Both in his songwriting, and in the delivery of the songs, and in his stage presence.”

[Photos courtesy of Schön]

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