Kurt Cobain’s ‘Montage Of Heck’ Solo Album: See The Official Tracklist & Artwork

Carl Williott | October 7, 2015 11:14 am

UPDATE: Filmmaker/Cobain album curator Brett Morgen unveiled the official tracklist to Rolling Stone on October 7, and we’ve posted it below, along with the official artwork up top. The album comprises 13 tracks for the standard edition and 31 for the deluxe. Morgen said he decided not to include unreleased Nirvana material recorded with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, and he also addressed the controversy over the project. “The morality of putting out unfinished work — I know that is a criticism that will be lobbied against the project. But just like the Bootleg Series furthers your understanding of Bob Dylan’s process, I find that Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings furthers not just our understanding of his process but represents yet another angle, another side of Kurt — an artistic outlet that he was not necessarily able to work with in the context of a three-piece band. It’s not scraps and discarded, insignificant material. It really is furthering our understanding of one of the most significant artists of our time.”

See the original post and full tracklist below.

Kurt Cobain‘s Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings, which has been dubbed a Cobain solo album, is coming out next month. There’s nothing you can do about it, no matter how ridiculous you may think it is to consider a bunch of personal recordings and musical sketches released as a promotional add-on to a (pretty bracing) documentary a proper album. (It’s very ridiculous!)

And now, ahead of the November 20 release of the LP following the DVD/Blu-ray/digital release of the documentary, the rumored tracklist and album cover have surfaced over at Alternative Nation. Presumably unheard versions of Nirvana songs “Been A Son,” “Scoff,” “Sappy,” “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” and more appear on the 13-track LP, along with unreleased ephemera like “Reverb Experiment,” “The Yodel Song” and “Letters To Frances.” Cobain’s cover of The Beatles‘ “And I Love Her” is also included, and filmmaker Brett Morgen previously said the album is filled out with spoken interludes and even comedy bits.

Kurt Cobain’s Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings deluxe tracklist: 1. The Yodel Song 2. Been a Son (Early Demo) 3. What More Can I Say 4. 1988 Capitol Lake Jam Commercial 5. The Happy Guitar 6. Montage of Kurt 7. Beans 8. Burn the Rain 9. Clean Up Before She Comes (Early Demo) 10. Reverb Experiment 11. Montage of Kurt II 12. Rehash 13. You Can’t Change Me/Burn My Britches/Something in the Way (Early Demo) 14. Scoff (Early Demo) 15. Aberdeen 16. Bright Smile 17. Underground Celebritism 18. Retreat 19. Desire 20. And I Love Her 21. Sea Monkeys 22. Sappy (Early Demo) 23. Letters to Frances 24. Scream 25. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle (Demo) 26. Kurt Ambiance 27. She Only Lies 28. Kurt Audio Collage 29. Poison’s Gone 30. Rhesus Monkey 31. Do Re Mi (Medley)