Janet Jackson’s ‘Unbreakable’ Album: Review Revue

Bianca Gracie | October 2, 2015 8:26 am
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After a seven year hiatus, Janet Jackson is back! The singer released her anticipated Unbreakable album today (October 2), and the project finds Janet exploring a more grown woman persona and treating fans to her classic sound.

In our review of the LP, we stated this: Janet doesn’t seem to want to compete with them like she maybe did the last time around. This time she’s a satisfied Janet, full of cautionary tales and grown-woman advice.

So how do music industry critics feel about Janet Jackson’s latest musical effort? Read what they had to say down below!

:: USA Today shared this: “The young woman intent on liberating herself and the world is still socially and spiritually conscious, but she has evolved into a more settled, reflective artist. Those aren’t qualities you’d necessarily associate with Jackson, and some of the more contemplative tunes on Unbreakable can seem static.”

:: The Guardian gave the album three stars: “Its sunny serenity picks up where 2001’s All For You left off rather than the urgent pansexual experimentation of Jackson’s most involving ’90s work, though. The chunky bass of ‘Dammn Baby’ hits the dancefloor spot – but otherwise, Unbreakable’s highlights are low-key moments of reflection and nostalgia.”

:: Grantland also shared their thoughts: “Parts of Unbreakable concern Janet’s desire for a better world, one less hateful than our own. There’s often escapism in her music, but rooted in the legitimate reasons one has for wanting to escape reality. Janet’s voice only sounds carefree, and it’s so poignant because she’s always seeking those crystalline moments of beauty that override all the evil things.”

:: Vulture called it “her best album in 15 years”: “Unbreakable is mature but fleet-footed, somehow as poignant as it is fun. Unbreakable explores Janet’s depths and despair, but it doesn’t stay down for long. Ballads about alienation and pain explode into confetti-flecked choruses of triumph.”

:: The Boston Globe pointed this out: “About halfway through the tracks, however, a kind of “vibe fatigue” sets in as the cumulative effect of all the heavy-lidded mood flourishes — trickling water, rainstorms, droning keyboard washes, meandering tunes — bogs down the proceedings in a series of heartfelt but less compelling ballads.”

:: The New York Times were fans of the LP: “For most of Unbreakable, she plays big sister — someone who’s happily in love, willing to offer advice and wishing for a better world. It’s a benign role but a modest one, reinforced by the music. Jimmy Jam and Mr. Lewis, who have needed Ms. Jackson to make their best music, are careful not to upstage her here.”

:: Lastly, Entertainment Weekly gave it a B+: “Janet, who has always flaunted her sexuality, is also more lyrically guarded here, eschewing confessions about relationships in favor of Michael-inspired pleas for peace and togetherness.”

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