Pop Perspective: Selena Gomez’s “Me & The Rhythm” Reviewed And Rated By Idolator Editors

Mike Wass | October 2, 2015 12:18 pm
Pop Perspective: Selena Gomez's "Good For You"
Selena Gomez's "Good For You" gets reviewed and rated by all four Idolator editors.

At Idolator, the editors share a passion for high-quality pop. Occasionally, our tastes align. Other times, not so much! So, in the spirit of debate, we’ve developed a recurring feature called Pop Perspective. Basically, all four of us dissect a particularly noteworthy pop event, and give it a rating out of 10.

That way you’re getting a full spectrum of views and we can all vent. (It’s cheaper than therapy!) The latest pop milestone to be dragged under the Idolator microscope is Selena Gomez’s new Revival single “Me & The Rhythm.” Is the upbeat pop anthem another “Good For You”-sized hit or does it fall a little flat? See our thoughts below.

Robbie Daw — 6/10

If I’m to be honest, I haven’t been particularly moved by Selena’s latest singles, “Good For You” and “Same Old Love.” The former was a bit too subdued for a proper summertime return to form — and paled in comparison to Demi Lovato’s “Cool For The Summer” (sorry, but it’s true) — and the latter was borderline generic with a repetitious chorus that failed to stir much emotion.

So here we have “Me & The Rhythm,” the latest cut off Selena’s forthcoming Revival album. Musically, it’s the best of the mentioned bunch of songs. But like with the others, something about the track just doesn’t grab the listener the way it should, and I fear it’s the fault of the vocal arrangement.

Selena has definitely soared before — “Naturally,” “Love You Like A Love Song” and, most recently, “The Heart Wants What It Wants” are exemplary moments of pop perfection she’s unleashed over the past six years. That said, in working with multiple songwriters and producers time and time again, inevitably a sense of cohesion gets lost, and we never really get an idea of what Gomez’s “sound” truly is.

Bianca Gracie — 6/10

Selena Gomez’s Revival era is shaping up to be her sexiest and most confident yet, and it has definitely caught my interest as a new listener. The singer has shed the comfort of her Disney skin and is pushing herself with unexpected sounds (see: “Good For You”). Selena’s latest tune, “Me & The Rhythm,” finds her sinking deep into electro-pop.

The production is spot-on due to its smoky synths and pulsating percussion. But the only (yet major) drawback that keeps me from being 100 percent #TeamSelena is that her vocals — similar to the previously released Revival tracks — sound completely disinterested. The song’s production has a spark that her voice lacks, which is unfortunate. C’mon Selena — bring on the fire!

Carl Williott — 5/10

“Good For You” was completely and utterly dwarfed by “Cool For The Summer,” whether or not I was even supposed to compare the two head-on. Since then, I’ve had a hard time getting into the new Selena era. This song doesn’t change that.

It’s… fine, a pleasant pop song. Like “Same Old Love,” it’s catchy without being forceful, but it’s nothing I’ll remember when I’m putting together a 2015 playlist at the end of the year. There’s a very thin line between tasteful, mature pop and grocery store background music.

Mike Wass — 9/10

I completely disagree with all of the above, particularly the Demi Lovato comparisons. (I guess “Cool For The Summer” eclipsed “Good For You” everywhere except the Billboard Hot 100). For me, “Me & The Rhythm” is the bridge between the Stars Dance and Revival eras. It’s another slinky synth-pop excursion, the genre she conquered on album number four, but the production — courtesy of Swedes Mattman & Robin — is considerably more refined and contemporary.

As with Selena’s previous Revival singles, “Me & The Rhythm” is a pop anthem with an unexpected twist. Instead of opting for the usual cheesy synths and power-pop chorus, it aims a little higher. There’s an air of sophistication to the arrangement and vocal delivery that sets it apart. Think Kylie Minogue circa Fever (there’s a breathiness about it that reminds me of “Come Into My World”) or Body Talk-era Robyn — albeit without the angst. This album is shaping up to be epic.


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