Kesha’s Mom Urges Fans To Picket Sony For Her Daughter’s Freedom

Mike Wass | October 5, 2015 12:15 pm
Kesha's Career May Never Recover
Kesha's lawyer says her career may never recover if Dr. Luke contract is upheld.

Kesha’s legal battle with Dr. Luke is clearly taking a toll on the pop star. The 28-year-old’s lawyers recently argued that her career may never recover if she isn’t released from her contract and now her mom is urging witnesses to break their silence. “Where are all the people who saw what was happening?” Pebe Sebert asked on Twitter this morning (October 5). “They were sure there when they might make $$ off her! Sheep.”

“Where are all the other artists who know the truth? From their own experience?” she continued. “Kesha’s passion has been taken away from her. You could help. You know who you are. But what’s in it for you to do ‘THE RIGHT THING’?” The songwriter, who has credits on two of her daughter’s biggest hits (“Your Love Is My Drug” and “Timber”), then urged fans to help. “You guys could go picket for Kesha’s freedom outside the Sony buildings in NYC, Japan, Germany,etc!”

Everyone loses if this lawsuit continues. Kesha obviously suffers the most by not being able to carry out her profession, but it’s also a PR nightmare for Sony and Dr. Luke. Do they really want every gruesome detail of this car crash being scrutinized by the media, particularly when the court of public opinion has also ruled in (the former) K$’s favor? See Pebe’s tweets below.

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