Ariana Grande Continues To Tease “Focus” Single: Listen To A Snippet

Bianca Gracie | October 6, 2015 10:13 am
Ariana Confirms "Focus" Release Date
The first taste of Ariana Grande's third LP 'Moonlight' will arrive very soon. Read on.

Ariana Grande has been teasing her forthcoming “Focus” single for weeks now — from blurred-out lyrics to a confirmed release date. Today (October 6), after the same-sex smooching frenzy died down, the mini diva decided to treat fans to a very (very) brief track snippet.

The “Focus” preview may only be six seconds long, but it definitely packs a punch! It features blasting horns a la “Problem” (that trend won’t die anytime soon) and Ariana breathily saying “1, 2, 3…come on girls.” The whole thing sounds like a sultry throwback ode.

She also recently unveiled even more lyrics on Twitter: “Ain’t no need to hold it back, go ‘head and talk ya shit. I know you’re hopin’ that I’ll react…I know you’re hopin’ I’m lookin’ back…but if my real ain’t real enough…then idk what is.” Sassy!

Look out for the full version when it drops on October 30. No word yet on when Ariana’s third album, Moonlight, will be released. Take a listen to Ariana’s teaser below.

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