Patternist’s “Dizzy” Will Have You Spinning: Premiere

Carl Williott | October 8, 2015 7:00 am

Patternist is the DIY synth-pop project of Portland-based music multi-hyphenate Gabe Mouer, who this summer started a monthly singles series that has included understated electro gliders like “Gone” and “New Fashion.” Today (October 8) we’re happy to premiere the next one in line, “Dizzy.”

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Patternist’s lithe bedroom pop is given a tropical touch here with some Afro-pop guitars and marimba, and the song eventually blossoms with a percussive breakdown that’s equal parts twinkling and rumbling.

“Lyrically, I tend to obsess a bit and rewrite entire songs over and over, but ‘Dizzy’ just sort of came out all at once, it was a surprisingly painless experience!” Mouer tells us about the track. “It’s my attempt at writing a love song that also conveys my tendency to overthink everything I do.”

Give “Dizzy” a spin below.